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6 Best Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Loss and Promoting Hair Growth

6 Best Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Loss and Promoting Hair Growth

Always better to use natural home remedies to prevent hair loss, some of going for expensive treatment to reduce hair fall or stop hair fall, but that may not help your problem.

In this article disclosed simple best tips and has best effective to reducing hair falls! Try to following easy steps at your home. These are practically proven, just do these natural treatment as long as you feel better, these 6 Best Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Loss and regrow lost hair.

If hair fall is persistent then it is best to consult a Dermatologist and get his advice as well. Probably he will give good suggestion  as well as some of medicine like Finasteride , Minoxidil, Dutasteride etc., these are medicines to stimulate hair growth as well. Many of persons hair fall start from a section creating bald patch, this is generally called as alopecia areata.

1. Natural Juice for Promoting Hair Growth:

Some of natural juices gives best result to reducing hair fall, especially for men prevent the most nasty problem in hair loss here there is list of best juices that will care your hair and battle against hair loss.

Carrot juice, onion juice, garlic juice, ginger juice, coriander juice, cucumber juice etc. Apply any of hair growth juice on overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning / before when do you going to do oil both then also just apply it and wash it after 4 hour as well. Here your shampoo make sure as mild shampoo. Choose any of your favorite mild shampoo.

2. Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Regrowth:

Hot oil applying is also one of best treatment for hair growth, this process coming very long back generation, this oil massage gives good result, it has even proven scientifically. You can use any of natural oil including olive oil, safflower oil, canola, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, mustard oil, lavender oil etc. here almond and jojoba oil is especially good oil because it replaces the sebum in the scalp. So it helps hair growth and to control dandruff. Take any natural oil in following list and then heat it up so that it is warm, but don’t keep too hot just it has warm when you applying to scalp. Massage it gently in your scalp as feel better and then put on a shower cap and leave it for a while ( 1-2 hour), then shampoo your hair. (use mild shampoo and conditioner for better result to see)

However you can’t or don’t wish to do this tips, after apply oil take one of good washed towel and dip it in hot water, squeeze the water from it wrap the towel around your oiled hair. Now leave it like way also for some time and then wash off your hair. Actually warm towel treatment helps to reach applied oil in hair follicles, which turns makes your hair very think, strong and healthy.

3. Rubbing Green Tea on Scalp for Promoting Hair Growth (Antioxidants):

Green tea contains anti-oxidants, which may turns to prevent hair loss and helps very strong hair to growth . Antioxidants called as polyphenols. Green tea also known as to stimulate hair growth and also gives soften the hair, because it contains E vitamin, C vitamin and polyphenols which are boost glistening hair. Making green tea very easy, take two bags brewed in one cup of water and warm it as well. Now apply warm green tea on you scalp and leave this mixture 1 to 2 hour and then rinse it. Applying this green tea with in three month we can see the best result, it boost hair growth and prevent hair loss.

4. Head Massage Preventing Hair Loss:

Daily massaging on your scalp will stimulate blood circulation as well. Always good blood circulation gives best hair follicles in active. This circulation might be improve while doing massage on scalp, so do massage in your scalp few minutes daily base, here you can use even any oil like almond, coconut, sesame oil, olive oil etc.

5. Rubbing Nails Treats for Hair Loss:

Daily when you wake up after sleep start this technique of rubbing nails. This is very simple to do rubbing nails, first fold both your palms inwards and bring it close to each other and touch it both the nails, and now start to rubbing the effective nails about 10-20 minutes at least twice a day.

6. Meditation for Hair Growth:

You might believe it, most of the time the hair roots caused stress and tension. For that type of emphasis gives more hair loss. At that movement doing some of meditation may help to reducing the hair fall and restore your hormonal and also balance it as well.

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