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Nail Rubbing Exercise Effective Technique for Hair Growth

Nail Rubbing Exercise is An Effective Technique for Hair Growth

Is the Nail Rubbing Exercise Effective Technique for Hair Growth ? Hair loss is one of the most lecture about and conventional conditions that people suffer from hair loss, and ironically is one of the most typical problems , all the members who is suffering from hair loss that people…

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Is the Nail Rubbing Exercise Effective Technique for Hair Growth ?

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Is the Nail Rubbing Exercise Effective Technique for Hair Growth ?

Hair loss is one of the most lecture about and conventional conditions that people suffer from hair loss, and ironically is one of the most typical problems , all the members who is suffering from hair loss that people want to a solution for, here there are some causes of hair fall, you should know that. Instead of going artificial method to stop hair fall, just try natural method like some of best yoga, it will cure your hair falling effectively. Nail rubbing exercise is one of the best exercises for stimulation blood flow and it can promote hair regrowth as well. When we do this nail rubbing exercise then directly It will effect to stimulate the hair follicles and help to grow very faster, even your nails also grow faster for this yoga exercise.

Really it is popular belief among the philosopher of supplementary medicine and Indian culture, nail rubbing exercise yoga can promote healthy hair, thick and dense. Whoever had done this exercise those are given positive results and supported by many anecdotal claims; there are many followers to this inveteracy practice.

How Does it Work for Hair Regrowth?

This exercises is also known as “Balayam”, There is a little understanding how does it work. In our body there is some chakras, it could be gain from body’s chakras and that play role in culmination and to imbalance in the flow of energy, it is very similar to reflexology. So when you mechanism the conformable to reflex the points then the meridian energy is channelized through path ways to the affected areas of our body, for them it will increase energy and healthy cells in those areas.

I would like to say one of the explanations to this point, when you rub fingernails against each other then it will to do tingling in the scalp that also may be effective for hair growth.

Balayam: (Nail Rubbing Exercise)

Balayam yoga is an acupressure therapy which is efficient to increasing the circulation in the scalp and prominently believed to stimulate the hair growth. Basically if you can see this yoga or exercise practised a number of years ago, now also this exercise was showing by famous yoga master Baba Ramdev. Balayam is a technique where the acupressure points included massage there it will be growth hair, mainly this point present in the tip of the fingers rubs, it helps to stimulate hormones that promote your hair back and keep your hormones standard level and helps to improve circulation in the scalp hair follicles, for that it will meliorate strengthening roots. This Balayam yoga exercises beat oxidative stress, this is one of the exoteric reasons for hair fall.

Science Behind Nail Rubbing Exercise (Balayam):

Believer says that there are certain nerve ending in your fingernails which are excited when do you start your nails rubbing. It is arrogate that when you rub your fingernails, after then it stimulate your brain to send a signal to adult root cells to vivify the dead cells. Rubbing fingernails enhanced blood circulation to your scalp which corroborate your hair follicles and in turn obviate hair fall and greying your hair. However, no scientific research has been treated to demonstrate these positive claims of Balayam.

How to Do This Rubbing Nail Exercises:

Rubbing your right and left nails with each other and it is powerful hair loss solution and stimulated faster hair growth, it is extremely simple and very effective to stop hair fall. Whenever are you going to do this exercise make sure, This exercise has to do an empty stomach or 2 hours after food.

  1. First sit on comfortably in Padmasana,
  2. Now you need to fold both hands against each other gently,
  3. Then start with regular swift motions (Rub only fingernails and don’t rub the thumbs together), each hand against each other briskly for 5-10 minutes
  4. Repeat same process at least twice a day, While doing this exercise, you can contact like a tingling sensation beginning from fingers and going up to your scalp directly.

Note: Rub only extensive part of the nails together and Don’t cross your exercises more than 10 minutes a day.

There are some nerves ending below the nails which are connected to your scalp, when we start this exercise it will stimulate blood circulation as well as it helps strengthening the roots.

Nail rubbing exercise you can do anywhere, while waiting for bus in bus stop, in your office, in your house, walking in the park etc., it may aid if you focus your direction on the scalp and hair roots, ultimately you may get thick and healthy hair.

How Does Work for Hair Stop:

Daily rubbing finger nails can make your hair growth again as well, this rubbing your fingers may be minimum 5-10 minutes or 10-20 minutes and don’t cross more than. Just rub only your fingernails except thumb finger.

Note: If you rub including thumb fingers then you will may chance to get growth of hair in facial area also. If you rub number of fingernails really it doesn’t matter.

Acupressure is all about handling certain pressure paints on the body known as acupoints and brings around the disorder / diseased part. Generally many physical applying this pressure by his hand, foot, elbow and respective places. This acupressure might be use or not in the vary area of the human body as the object symptoms. To selecting this acupoints pressure is working by stimulating the meridian system to bring adduce about relief by rebalancing yang, yin and qi. Zone therapy or Reflexology is deeply or less similar to acupressure and involves the rehearse of massaging, pushing on parts of the feet and squeezing with the destination of boosting a beneficial effect on other parts of the body and aids common health condition. Now coming back to the our discussing, “nail rubbing is best way treating hair falling”, the nerves believed which is connected to the scalp. When you start rubbing process allegedly stimulates blood flowing to the scalp and prevent hair loss and also improving overall hair health.

What Research Say’s about Nail Rubbing Exercise ?

Federation of American Societies was researched for Experimental Biology claims that hair recall grey because reaction of a chemical in our body which caused the hair blanch on its own.

This punctuality starts when an enzyme called catalase commencement decreasing in our body. Lack of Catalase means that hydrogen peroxide cannot be break down and its start to cumulate hair on your head, which is revolve to leading to grey hair.

Everybody facing hair falls due to several reasons. Here there are some factors  include for your hair loss such as hormonal imbalance (especially in the case of women), hereditary problems, having long illness, stress, anaemia and life style, dietary habits. Balayam couldn’t solve these all problems together and hence its critics opine that it is ineffectual.

My Experience:

I am also losed few of my front side hairs, I tried many of products and shampoo’s but there is no results for that, eventually I started yoga and some of exercise, ever since to now I have seen few of hair growth in my scalp and those are strong roots also . So in that nail rubbing exercise given amazing results for hair growth and stopped hair falling.

You need to be patient though “I have noticed some regrowth happening and also progress in overall hair quality”, by the end of 6 month you would be gently compatible in ridding yourself of all your hair, in that case I did along with some of other home remedies also,

It’s not only crushing hair loss but also leads to regrowth of which is lost hair suffering from baldness or alopecia areata. For doing this exercise, it brings back your original color naturally thus take away the problem of gray hair.

Nail rubbing exercise is best technique for stimulating hair growth, this technique called as “acupressure” therapy, Just like Chinese same therapy known as acupuncture. We have our very own system called acupressure, where squeeze put on few points on the palm or beneath the feet is conceived to stimulate the nerves and have curative effect. For example we can consider to mend headache within minutes the way of acupressure, if you press out the area behind your palm between your thumb and index fingers, then your headache will assuagement in seconds and surprisingly it works great way (not other migraine or cluster), according to this way nail rubbing exercise is an effective technique for hair growth. Nail rubbing works against stopping hair fall gently.

Trust me, it is the preferable thing you could do for your hair, it is simple and can do anywhere at any time. I tried and tested, so with my experience saying this exercise definitely show best results. I personally felt that each treatment has its own place and you may not simply trust on a single solution.

Why Don’t Try:

For doing this exercise no cost incorporated and it can be done at your home, just simply join your fingernails and begin your practicing, it may work for you.

Who Don’t Try (Caution):

Avoid nail rubbing exercise during pregnancy, if there is any nail or skin condition around the fingering area, stop rubbing if your fingernails which are infected fingernails or diseased or if you suffering from high blood pressure.

Our Verdict:

This nail rubbing exercise is most effective ways to revitalise hair follicles which is connected to the finger nails. Balayam is one of the best positive things for hair growth; there are a significant number of people who don’t deprive in it all. Balayam (nail rubbing exercise) doesn’t give any side effect. So go ahead without warring about any side effect and realise if it works for you or not.

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Tab 1 | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Balayam (nail rubbing exercise)?

A). Balayam is a nail rubbing exercise which can deal with all hair problems such as hairfall, premature greying, dandruff etc. Balayam is a great yoga methodology.

Balayam called by the name of “Prasanna Mudra”. Balyam is the nail rubbing exercise and is a admixture of two hindi words Bal and Vyayam, “Bal” means hairs and vyayam means exercise. In simple language indicates an exercise for hairs.

Can it care for all types of baldness?

A). Yes to be tested and proved to be reliable.

What type of baldness it most effective?

A). Androgenic Alopecia is most effective in male pattern baldness.

Is rubbing exercise (Balayam) actually regrow hairs on bald areas?

A). Yes, balayam will actually regrows new hairs over the head areas, whoever has bald and less hairs on head, it cures both baldness and hairloss.

Is it important to rub the same (identical) fingernails of both hands?

A). Yes.

Why balayam (nail rubbing exercise) works in growing new hairs?

A). When you started to rubbing fingernails together, Then there is a nerve ending beneath fingernails, these nerves are set up to produce new hairs. This is just basic exposition but more works on this prospect is needed to be done.

Can i include thumbnail also while rubbing nails?

A). No, you should avoid thumbnail rubbing, thumbnail are too chunky to be effective.

What is the minimum and maximum standing time of Balayam (nail rubbing exercise) per day?

A). Minimum 10 minutes and maximum 30 minutes  a day.

Is there any particular time and place to perform nail rubbing exercise?

A). No, there is no required any particular time to perform this exercise. Balayam is no a prayer, it is just like exercise and you can be practice anywhere and anytime like while waiting for any time, watching movie and even in toilet time also can be do it.

Is there any side effect of Nail rubbing exercise? Who shouldn’t practice nail rubbing?

A). More than 2 hr. a day can be side effect of nails and even could be high blood pressure. A person who has high blood pressure shouldn’t practice nail rubbing exercise.  Totally avoid doing nail rubbing exercise whoever has blood related problems and even pregnancy, it may exasperate the condition.

What will happen if doesn’t perform nail rubbing exercise for 1 or 2 days or regularly?

A). Nothing happen, just getting benefits will be delay.

Is nail rubbing exercise 100% cure baldness?

A). No, It’s not cure 100% cure for baldness, but you can feel better after done this nail rubbing exercise.

Who shouldn’t do balayam or nail rubbing exercise?

A). Pregnancy avoid  doing this nail rubbing exercise,  and people who have high blood pressure shouldn’t do this balayam.

Is there any spiritual angle to nail rubbing exercise (balayam)?

A). No, there is no spiritual angle to nail rubbing exercise, reason can do this exercise anywhere at any time, just rub in concrete manner that’s all.

Which shampoo or soap better to use while doing nail rubbing exercise?

A). Can use any shampoo or soap, but mild shampoo is preferred.

Which nutrition should be eaten for helping hairs?

A). Amla (Indian gooseberry) is well known providing nutrition. Salmon, walnuts, oysters, sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach, lentils, greek yogurt, blueberries, poultry etc can be top 10 foods for your healthy hair.

Is require any medicine with nail rubbing exercise (balayam) to get better effect?

A). No, there is no need any medical condition with nail rubbing.

Is Balayam (nail rubbing exercise) effective treatment in females also?

A). Yes, balayam effective treatment both female and male.

What if balayam (nail rubbing exercise) is completely stopped at any point of time?

A). New congenital hairs will abide as it is, but new excrescence will not happen. But in some cases hair loss my restart. So lower dose of 5-10 minutes a day  is entrust to reserve new hairs boost by balayam.

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