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How to Completely Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Your Hair Naturally

How to Permanently Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

How to Completely Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Generally hair loss starts with several different reasons like Age wise, Climacteric (change of life), genetics, pregnancy, illness and some of other factors are playing a big role in hair loss. Now a day mostly men are losing more hair than women, in many cases we can see hair lose both male and female due to simple and temporary a vitamin deficiency. Hair falling is more complex like fundamental health condition. Some body using drugs to stop the hair lose like rogaine or going with hair transplant, or fusion method etc., but these all method antecedently easiest and most expensive solution for hair getting back , if so the same treatment we can carry it natural home remedy. Home remedy can stop hair loss completely and regrowth the hair by using regular treatment. There are many method to fabricate our hair to grow faster, thick, shine, glare as well.

In this article disclosing in three methods ” How to Permanently Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally ” just follow these three method it will cure your dandruff very well and also grow your hair naturally.

Method 1: Herbs and Supplements

1.  Treat with Saw Palmetto:

For boost hair and skin many native Americans using saw palmetto as a good treatment. It blocks the production of DHT(a metabolite of testosterone), concede factor to the prostate. Some time swelling prostate might be cause hair loss, This saw palmetto had shown in studies effective for preventing hair loss only in men.

Taking Vitamins:

Daily add some extra milligrams of vitamins in your diet, it may good for your hair falling. Following vitamins dispense better treat for your hair loss to stop.

1. Vitamin A: Vitamin A has anti-oxidant, which push healthy production of sebum in the scalp. Sweet Potatoes has load of beta carotene, it is good for eye sight, immunity and overall health, this food contains antioxidant and has rich vitamin A not only promotes a healthy scalp but also promotes Healthy Hair Growth.

Good food source of beta-carotene includes carrots, spinach and kale, winter squash, fruits like cantaloupe and apricots. Always fresh fruits and vegetable has good level of beta-carotene.

2. Vitamin E: This vitamin E also important to protect your hair externally, it is Stimulate blood circulation and gives a good circulation in your scalp, it is important to keeping your hair follicles productive and which gives healthy hair color also.

3. Omega:  Omega-3 called as essential fatty acid, Foods fertile in omega-3 are fatty fish, take Omega-3 fatty acids. Milk, egg yolks and fish eggs etc…

You will fill your plate some of food items which can help to score omega-3 fatty acids like following

  • Flaxseed Oil (Cold Pressed)
Omega-3 100g Per cup (218g) Per tablespoon (14g)
106817mg 232861mg 14954mg
  • Fish Oil (Salmon)
Omega-3 100g Per tablespoon (14g) Per teaspoon (5g)
38105mg 5335mg 1905mg
  • Chia Seeds
Omega-3 100g Per 2oz (56g) Per ounce (28g)
35660mg 19970mg 9985mg
  •   Walnuts & Walnut Oil (Walnuts)
Omega-3 100g Per cup, pieces (120g) Per ounce (28g)
9080mg 10896mg 2542mg
  •  Fish Roe (Caviar)
Omega-3 100g Per ounce (28g) Per tablespoon (16g)
6820mg 1910mg 1091mg
  •  Cured & Canned Fish (Smoked Salmon)
Omega-3 100g Per fillet (108g) Per ounce (28g)
3010mg 3251mg 843mg
  •  Oily Fish (Mackerel)
Omega-3 100g Per fillet (112g) Per 3oz (85g)
2948mg 3302mg 2506mg
  •  Seafood (Oysters)
Omega-3 100g Per 3 ounces (85g) In a medium oyster (25g)
1648mg 1401mg 412mg
  •  Soybeans (Roasted)
Omega-3 100g Per cup (172g) Per ounce (28g)
1694mg 2914mg 474mg
  •  Vegetables (Sweet Red Peppers, sautéed)
Omega-3 100g Per cup (106g) Per 1/2 cup (53g)
775mg 822mg 411mg

4. B Vitamins:

B vitamin also stimulates your body blood circulation as well. Vitamin B produce melanin which maintain your body level well.

Method 2: Tropical Treatment

1. Use Essential Oils Allied with a Scalp Massage.

Really massage promotes good circulation in your scalp, massage is one of the best ways to step-down the intensity of hair loss and improve the good circulation, it active the hair follicles to re-grow hair. Massage your scalp daily by hand for a couple of minutes, those type of massage enhance your hair growth level. Massage with coconut oil, bhringaraj, brahmir, lavender, bay essential oil in an almond oil, sesame oil and vitamin E oil are very effective in hair loss prevention. Coconut oil any body get in home, so take this oil and massage on your scalp weekly twice or thrice. Even can mix honey and egg yolk is good for strengthening of hair. Massaging or washing your hair with boiled neem water is effectively curing of hair related problems. Some of herbs like ginkgo, bilberry and biloba are works wonder as a natural home remedy. Ayurveda diet curd, diet rich in C vitamin, yogurt and B vitamin, germinate, fresh leafy vegetables, ginger, fruits, soy etc. are effective in strengthening of your hair.

2. Try to Rubbing Your Scalp with Garlic, Ginger, Onion Juice.

Apply any one of juice on your scalp overnight and wash it out in the morning. But here make sure you have to use only one of these juices and don’t mix them.

3. Rub Rangoli Henna into Your Hair:

It is seem to be green powder texture of talc that stamp the hair shell (cuticle), which gives strengthens the hair root.

4. Rub Green Tea into Your Hair:

The green tea treat dandruff and also stimulate hair growth. Take two cup of water in a pan and boil it and then add four tablespoon of green tea leaves, 1 lemon peel and 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil. Heat the admixture for 2 more minutes and let you keep cool off completely. Now apply this liquid on your scalp completely with a cotton boil and massage it few minutes with that, now sit 45 minutes and then rinse off with mild shampoo. You can do this 3-4 times a month, it gives amazing results for your hair falling.

5. Boil Potatoes and Rosemary:

First take few water in a bowl and also Take potato and rosemary in water and keep it on your stove, strain the liquid and use it daily as a hair rinse.

6 Fenugreek Seeds:

Try with fenugreek seeds or methi seeds, this provide strength hair and shine hair by using regular base in your life. First soak and grind two cup of fenugreek or methi seeds with proper water to make a paste. Gently massage it on your scalp, when applying it would light massage, now leave it an hour and rinse out with water. It gives amazing result for your dandruff.

Method 3: Lifestyle Changes

1 Taking High Proteins Food in Your Diet

Include some of high proteins in your diet like fish, meats, soy and other proteins may help to restrict your hair loss.

2 Extenuate Tension or Stress:

  • Meditation: Meditation can work not only for reducing stress but also keep your hormone balance well, when you start your meditation it will start itself to restore your hormone level considerably in your body.
  • Daily do some normal exercise like walking, swimming and cycling 30 to 40 minutes and also try playing a sports like tennis, cricket and wallyball, so you can take out your aggression by hitting a ball. The exercise can help best way to reduce your stress.
  • Write it out or talk your mate, swain (friend), or family member, or even with a therapist about what are you experiencing. Just take the time and record your feelings in a diary .

3 Avoid Caps, Wigs, Hairpieces:

These all when we wear seem to be good cosmetic solution but they may be cause for hair loss and it would be speed up your hair loss also by damaging hair follicles.


How to Completely Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Your Hair Naturally Generally hair loss starts with several different reasons like Age wise, Climacteric (change of life), genetics, pregnancy, illness and some of other factors are playing a big role in hair loss. Now a day mostly men are losing more…

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How to Completely Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Your Hair Naturally!

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